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So Long, and Thanks for All the Bits

Joe Stanganelli Managing Editor, TechBeacon
Derek Britton Head of Brand, AR, and Customer Advocacy, OpenText
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After more than eight years of delivering news and views in the enterprise-tech space, TechBeacon will be sunsetting for the indefinite time being. For those last eight years, despite changing ownership twice and weathering a variety of other changes, TechBeacon has continued to go strongpublishing content that we are proud and pleased to stand behind.

Change happens, however. People move on, things move on, the world moves on. And with that, TechBeacon must also move on.

Perhaps the technology industry understands that better than anyone.

Moving On

"'The world has moved on,' we say . . . we've always said. But it's moving on faster now."

- Roland Deschain

In a world where change and advancement are taken for granted, it's easy to forget how far the world has come in so short a time technologically. Consider that when TechBeacon started in 2015, DevOps was emerging, AI was fanciful hype, and companies still weren't sold on cloud computing. Now, DevOps is the norm, AI is prolific at least in some form or other, and rare is the company (or individual) that doesn't have something in the cloud.

In tech, the world is constantly moving fast and breaking itself, so to speak. In the year 2000, you were more likely to be using Altavistathe once king of search enginesthan using Google. A few years before that, Google didn't exist. A few years before that, neither did Altavista. A few years before that, neither did the World Wide Web.

There are college students who are older than the Agile Manifesto, Amazon Web Services, and Facebook. There are high schoolers older than Bitcoin, Docker, and the iPhone. And some of the most prolific and popular technologies today are but a few years oldif that. ChatGPT, which has been the belle of the tech-industry ball all year, was launched less than a month before Christmas 2022.

Eight years from now, no doubt, a lot more will have changed in the tech world.

Like all these technological changes, TechBeacon, too, has been through some of its own.

Looking Back

Earlier this year, TechBeacon turned eight years old. The site began as a content initiative by HPE Software. It's goal? To focus on "information that really matters for competing effectively in business"while at the same time remaining editorially independent and ethical.

On September 1, 2017, Micro Focus acquired HPE Softwareand, with it, TechBeacon. Micro Focus kept the spirit and function of TechBeacon alive, continuing to bring news and insights related to application development, software testing, cybersecurity, data management, and enterprise IT topics.

More recently, on January 31, 2023, Micro Focus itself was acquired by OpenText. From there, OpenText picked up the mantle.

And now . . . Well, as the saying goes about "all good things" . . .

We have been delighted and honored to be a part of the TechBeacon journey. We are holding out hope that in some form, TechBeacon will pick up again, living on at some point in the future. But for now, we're hoping you'll turn your attention to other thought leadership content brought to you by OpenText at https://blogs.opentext.com. There, you can read insights and learn more about the enterprise-tech topics you care about.

Whether you're a devoted TechBeacon regular, or you're an occasional visitor, whether you've been with us since the beginning or just joined us more recently. Thank you. Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading, and thank you for sticking with us.

We are pleased and proud to have been a part of TechBeacon. We are honored to have written for you and helped bring the writings of others to you on this humble little site.

For now, we bid you farewell.

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